Little Gems

Apple Blossom Burgundy

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The bodice of the Apple Burgundy dress is made from soft stretch velvet in rich burgundy adorned with lots of individually hand made flowers and petals. Long skirt with large edged organza petals over several layers of tulle and with a silky lining for extra softness. More hand made flowers are stitched onto the waistline over a soft shimmer organza belt that can be tied into a bow at the back.

Little Gems dresses and accessories are thoughtfully designed in Australia, with children’s comfort in mind and are handmade in Bali by the very same tailors that have been making our dresses for the past 20 years.

Our high quality and choice in fabrics, combined with our unique designs and love for detail have been our Trademark for the past two decades and are of the highest quality using ethically sourced materials and workmanship.

Each one of our flowers are crafted by hand and then hand stitched.

Little Gems dresses are so much more than just a dress-up. They are classic, timeless easy to care for and simply magic.

Little Gems has been spreading the love and fairy magic for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on making the world’s most exquisite and unique garments for Special Occasions and Make-Believe.


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